Non-download casino

Although online casinos started off in a download version more than 2 decades ago, non-download casinos have already made a good mark in the industry within the few years of its introduction. While most online casinos are still powered by software, the taste of instant play casinos has split the industry in two. Some players may argue that download casinos are still prevalent in this day and age; while this is true, many players now believe that instant play casinos have introduced a modern way of gambling online.

This page is dedicated to introducing instant play casinos and outlining the advantages and disadvantages this interface has over download based casinos.

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What are non-download/instant play casinos?

Downloading casino software is now seen as a more tradition way of gambling online. While there are many advantages to playing in a download based casino, players have gradually started to look for more convenient ways of playing casino games online.

Having to download software and install games, mobility, flexibility etc. are few issues that players now face. Instant play casinos in its present form help meet these challenges as instant play casinos do not require you to download any software; where all the functions are performed through the web browser itself.

You would require some features on the web-browser which are normally in-built but’s good to make sure of it. Browser plugins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java and bandwidth are required to lead the graphics, animations and sounds from the web.

How Non-download casinos work?

Playing in a non-download casino is a straight forward process and as the name ‘Instant-Play’ implies, the software can instantaneously respond to the player’s demand to play from any part of the world, with the only requirement being an access of internet.

There is not much to explain on how instant play casinos work. You open the website through your web browser and you can immediately sign up or register. Then you go through the regular process of getting started which is explained in detail in our ‘Getting Started’ beginner’s guide page.

For those who aren’t familiar with non-download casinos, we take this opportunity to sketch the advantages and disadvantages of playing online casino games directly through your browser.

Advantage of non-download casinos

  • Players can skip the hassle of downloading software and go straight to signing up, depositing and playing games for real money.
  • Players have the full freedom to try out games (considering the casino allows practice play) without having to download any 3rd party software into the computer.
  • With no download casinos, players have the facility to play online casino games from any device, from any part of the world. Since all you need is an internet connection, players aren’t limited to one computer or device. However, we strongly suggest players not to save username and passwords in other devices.
  • Since the casino’s interface operates through a web browser, players with iOS or even Linux can easily play online casino games.

Even though no download casinos have numerous advantages over its download counterpart, there are a few drawbacks that we list below.

Disadvantages of Instant Play casinos

  • The downloaded software has a more consolidated framework therefore user journey is smoother in the software than the website.
  • Once the games are installed and built into the software, it takes less time to load than on the web browser. Nevertheless, if you have a decent internet speed, this shouldn’t be a bothering issue.