Casinos by Type

There is no doubt that playing in an online casino game is immensely fun, especially when there’s a good chance of winning loads of money while playing for real. As soon as the word online comes into play, people immediately think of the web browser and the URL. While the website is a host for the casino, the games and functions are defined through a common software program.

The explicit purpose of this article is to make players aware of the types of software platforms that define an online casino.

  • Download Casino
  • Non-download / Instant Play Casino
  • Mobile Casino

If you’ve read our ‘Getting Started with online casinos’ article, you’ll know that choosing a casino type is the first decision players need to take; henceforth comes the rest such as signing up, depositing etc. Roulette Australia gives full details on all types of casino interfaces with their advantages and disadvantages so players can make an informed decision.

Below we introduce all the different casino interfaces. Readers can click on the title to visit the Download or Non-download page respectively where we give full details on each casino type.

Download Casino

If anyone’s done a bit of research into online casinos, they would definitely know that most casinos found on the internet require the player to download casino software before doing anything else.

Download based casino required the player to download the casino software from the casino’s website and install it in their personal computer. In download casinos, all primary functions are processed through a software program which is essentially a package that allows all the following:setup-file-download-casino-rou-aus-441120

  • Registration
  • Depositing
  • Gameplay
  • Withdrawal
  • Access to bonuses and promotions
  • Customer Support

Download Casinos were first launched when Microgaming introduced the first casino software in 1994. Following this landmark event, numerous other companies like Playtech, Betsoft and many more now have their own casino software.

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Non-download Casino

web-browser-instant-play-rou-aus-332218The first online casinos took off in the form of a Download Casino and this form has remained popular over the years and is used my many online casinos. The downloading of software, however, has been the speed bump on the fast lane of this rapid growth in online casinos. This issue is tackled with the evolution of non-download casinos.

Online Casinos have come a long way and as new technology dominates the industry, download based casinos are being replaced slowly by web-based non-download casinos. As the name suggests, these casinos do not require the players to download any software on to their devices. All functions are carried out through the web browser itself which gives this casino type another name, Web-based casinos. These casinos require your browser to have plugins like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave or Java.

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Mobile Casinos

mobile-casino-rou-aus-19951This form of online casino is not actually a different interface but it’s definitely a different form of casinos. While online casino games are mostly associated with a laptop and personal computer, due to its vast popularity, mobiles and tablet devices now act as a host to online casinos as well.

The limitations of mobile casino depend on the casino and the features they have enabled. Some casinos activate only basic functions such as logging in and playing the games whereas others allow registering, depositing, withdrawing and even contacting customer service through mobile phones and tablets.