Deposit Bonus

Online casino bonuses are choreographed in a simplistic manner but it’s easily understandable why newbies might find it tricky to get their head around this concept. As competition grows within the industry, players don’t just compare the quality of the games anymore; they show great interest in bonuses and promotions offered by casinos.

In our previous article, we briefly introduced the framework of Deposit bonuses and touched into the different types of Deposit Bonuses. Here we’ll be looking into more details in the workings of each bonus type, their terms and conditions and also list out the top deposit bonuses offered by online casino.


  • Sign-Up bonus
  • Re-load bonus
  • Preferred payment bonus
  • Best deposit bonuses

Before we press on, we feel it’s important to point out the fact that deposit bonuses are an option for the players to claim. Online casinos do not force this down on you but once players identify the potential advantages, it’s hard to miss them.

Sign-Up bonus


Offered by all the casinos listed on this website, welcome bonuses are the most commonly offered bonuses by an online casino. These are bonuses are claimable on your first deposit and as with any other standard bonus, are part of the bonus account.

To determine your welcome bonus amount, two factors come into play:

–          Your first deposit amount

–          The percentage of deposit offered by the casino

Usually, welcome bonuses are set to 100% and online casinos offer these bonuses as for example, “100% up to $300”. This can be expressed as the online casino will match your deposit bonus 100% of the deposit, of up to $300. If your first deposit exceeds $300, you are only eligible for another $300 as a bonus.

Reload Bonus

As welcome bonuses become a success with the players, online casinos have now started to stretch this bonus into multiple deposits. Reload bonuses follow the welcome bonus concept and can be claimed by players on their second deposit with the casino. Some casinos stretch this bonus onto 3rd or even 4th deposit; all depending on the casino’s scheme.

It’s not compulsory that online casinos offer a 100% match for their reload bonuses. While players may receive 100% match on their welcome deposit, the casino may offer only 75% on their second deposit and 50% on the third and so forth.

Preferred payment bonus

Many casinos have a preferred payment method which in general has to do with casinos having partnership with certain companies or the banking system which can easily process their transactions. If a player deposits through the casino’s preferred deposit method, they give a certain percentage of the deposit amount as a bonus, adding it to the player’s bonus account.

Common terms and conditions for deposit bonuses

  • The bonus amount claimed cannot be treated as cash, therefore cannot be withdrawn. All bonuses are credited to the bonus account held be the players. This balance can be transferred to the player’s cash account once the wagering requirement is fulfilled.
  • Wagering requirements are mandatorily applied to all bonuses (unless otherwise stated). For full information on wagering requirements, click here.
  • Not all casino games make equal contribution while fulfilling the playthrough requirements. While a $10 bet on slot are counted as $10 on the bonus progress bar, a $10 stake on blackjack may only count as $0.70 or 7%. This structuring of bonus wagering contribution depends completely on the casino.
  • If players try to withdraw before their wagering requirements are complete, they will forfeit any currently available bonus amount.
  • These conditions are subject to change as per online casino rule therefore we strongly recommend players to carefully read the terms and conditions of an online casino on their respective website.