Getting Started

To fully enjoy the experience of playing in an online casino, the kick start needs to be smooth. To play online casino games, players need to follow few steps to skip any speed bumps and making sure they follow the correct procedure is the very purpose of this article. This section of our article is mostly dedicated to beginners and we answer the precise question of “How to get started with online casinos?”

While playing online casino games on free play mode are just few clicks of a button, playing them for real money with the incentive of winning more than you’ve invested required a bit more effort. Therefore to prepare you before hitting any obstacles; we’ve prepared a step by step guide on how newbies should get started when venturing into the ‘real money mode’.


  • Interface – Download/No download
  • Opening an account – Registration
  • Account activation
  • Online casino banking
  • Working with casino bonuses
  • Start playing

We hope that by the end of this article, players are able to have a clear idea on how to process their registration, make payments, withdraw and wager on online casino games with real money.

Interface – Download/ No download casino

The first step really depends on the casino type you’re using. To put it simple, if you’re using a:

Download Casino: you need to access the software program that you have downloaded into your computer.

To learn how to download an online casino, visit our Download Casino page.

No download: just visit the website

To find out full details and the differences between two casino types, go to our ‘Casinos by Type’ page.

Signing Up – Registration

Now regardless of whether you’re using the download or no download version of an online casino, the basic premise for creating an account remains the same.

On the homepage (no download) or the casino lobby (downloaded software), players will find a ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ button. Upon a simple click, players should be redirected to the registration form page.

Most online casinos format the registration form in a simplistic manner. Basic details that players need to input in this form include:

  • Valid Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Your address
  • Currency
  • Date of Birth (must be 18 years above)
  • Your original name
  • Mobile number

EmuCasino sign up registration form

Make sure to enter genuine details as false details might back fire in the long run. Players are recommended to choose a currency they have ease transacting in.

After filling in the form, players need to ‘Accept the Terms and Conditions’ of the website. We recommend players not to tick the box blindly but rather go through the terms and conditions page and genuinely understand and agree.

Account activation

Account activation is the first verification process that players go through while registering with an online casino. When you finish your registration process, the casino has two ways of verifying your account; email or text message (hence why we recommend you provide genuine info).

For email activation, the casino sends an activation link to your email. All you have to do is check your inbox and copy the link URL and paste it. Once the website loads and with all things well, you should get a delightful message that your account is active.

As for text messages, the casino sends an activation code to your mobile and all you need to do is go to the casino website, or the casino software program and enter the digits. If all goes well, your account should be activated and you are good to go.


EmuCasino account activation

Online Casino Banking

Banking is a vital stage and one where many players have a problem with. This stage ties into choosing an online casino that offers a deposit method that you have easy access to.

So unless players are offered a ‘No deposit bonus’, they can go ahead and deposit some funds. In order to deposit funds, players can click on ‘Deposit’. Upon clicking deposit, the casino will list all the deposit methods they accept. Most commonly offered payment methods for Aussies are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Poli
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer

EmuCasino deposit options

An important note here is that most online casinos set a minimum deposit amount depending on the method. The minimum and maximum amount set depends on the casino but normally they set it between $10- $20.

The speed of the transaction highly depends on the method you have adopted; funding through an e-wallets and debit/credit card normally show up immediately while bank transfers may take up to 7 working days.

Before you start the withdrawal process, it’s important to note that online casinos have a verification process known as KYC (Know Your Customer) where you are required to send them some identification. These verification documents include your photo ID that states your date of birth, a document showing your proof of address and the payment method document which maybe your Neteller card or your debit card. Players make sure the online casino is SSL certified before handing in any details.

As soon as your documents are approved, you are able to withdraw funds from the cash account held with the casino. Withdrawal is an easy process; just click on ‘Withdrawal’ or ‘Cash Out’ and choose a withdrawal method that suits you. Normally, online casinos recommend players withdraw from the same payment option they deposited with.

Again, depending on the method you’ve chosen to withdraw funds, they may appear immediately if it’s an e-wallet and may take few days if it’s a bank transfer. Similar to deposits, there is a minimum withdraw amount and a maximum withdrawal limit on each of the withdrawal methods offered by the casino.

Please check our ‘Banking Guide’ page for full details on online casino payment and withdrawal options.

Casino bonuses and promotions

Working with casino bonuses may seem tricky to newbies but it’s very simple to understand and once players identify the advantage of bonuses casinos have to offer, they’re just hunting.

Most casino bonuses hit your before your first deposit. These bonuses are classes as ‘No deposit bonuses’. Players are able to claim this bonus as soon as they register and activate their account.

For more on ‘No deposit bonuses’ click here.

Another common bonus is the Sign Up bonus, popularly known as ‘Welcome Bonus’. This bonus is categorized under ‘Deposit bonus’ as they are available only after your first deposit. Deposit bonuses are claimed along with the first deposit. Normally they are set at 100%, so if you deposit $20, you get another $20 as a bonus.

Find full information on Welcome bonuses on our Deposit bonus page.

There are numerous other promotions that players get to work with, which in fact can prove to be very advantageous. As an additional note, all bonuses (unless stated) are part of a separate account called ‘Bonus Account’ which the player holds with the casino. To transfer funds from a bonus account to cash account, they need to fulfill some terms and conditions such as the wagering requirement.

Learn on all the common bonuses and promotions offered by most online casinos in out ‘Casino bonuses and promotions’ page.

Playing casino games

Now here comes the fun part! Although the whole process might seem a bit long and tiresome while reading, just clicking few buttons and getting this one-time setup complete is as easy as anything.

As for gameplay, Roulette is a good and easy way for newbies to start. New players can learn everything they need to know about Roulette in our ‘Roulette for beginners page’ and for players who are already familiar with this brilliant table game but want to hone their skills, they can look forward to our ‘Roulette Strategies’ page.