Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to online casinos? Don’t know there to start and how to play? Our beginner’s guide intends to answer all questions and confusions that are holding you back to embark on this wonderful online gambling journey.


  • Why play online?
  • Choosing an Online Casino?
  • Getting Started
  • Online Roulette Guide

The express purpose of this beginner’s guide article is to take you through a step by step process on where to get started and the major components that a new player needs to be aware of while taking decisions in every step, whether it be choosing an online casino or choosing a banking method or an online casino game.

We start by answering a very debatable, yet important question.

Why play online?

why-choose-online-casino-rou-aus-411200Aussies strongly pursue gambling as a hobby, like many people in the world do. Most people see gambling as a huge risk, but if you ask true players, it’s actually an investment with a potential return. While there are a good number of people who actually travel to extravagant destinations such as Star Casino in Sydney and place bets while enjoying free foods and drinks and lovely accompanies, many people don’t really have access to that facility.

Online Casinos are quick access to players who want to make a flutter at casino games, whether for pure entertainment purposes or as a quick way of making some money. The internet has definitely make things easier, whether it is in travelling, education or any other field. The same principle applies with online casinos where players can play genuine casino games from a remote destination.

Below we list some advantages of gambling online rather than onshore:

  • Players can have access to online casino games from any device with an internet.
  • Online casino games are available 24 hours, any day of the year. If you’re feeling lucky today, there’s no stopping you from placing a bet.
  • Unlike land casinos, where you get direct or indirect pressure from the crowd or dealer, online casinos allow you to place bets in your own pace and time.
  • Players with a low budget but with a knack for casino games can easily play, whether for fun or for real money. Most casinos allow a deposit of as less as $20 and players can stake even $0.50 if they wish.
  • As with land casinos, online casinos are licensed and regulated by a governing body and are managed by their respective operators. Go to our Online Casinos page to learn all about casino licenses and operations.

Choosing an Online Casino

choose-online-casino-rou-aus-451005Now we face the crucial task of choosing an online casino. While choosing an online casino, we suggest that players go through a list of criteria for the casino to satisfy. We divide this section in 2 parts, firstly, a checklist for players to follow and answer while choosing an online casino. The second part is the list of resources from which players can answer the questions in the first part.

So let’s start with part one; players are suggested to check and judge the following aspects of the casino before signing up with any online casino.

  • Who operates the casino?
  • Does the casino hold a legitimate license and which commission inspects the casino?
  • Which software clients does the casino use to back their casino games?
  • Does the casino accept currencies that you have access to?
  • Do you have access to any banking options that the casino accepts?
  • Is the casino download based or non-download based?
  • What bonuses and promotions does the casino offer?
  • Does the casino accept players from your territory?

Now that you know about the aspects of a casino you need to judge, below we list resources from which you actually answer the questions above.

  • Online Casino Reviews

online-casino-reviews-checklist-rou-aus-112502This is a quick way of addressing all the above issues. Websites such as Roulette Australia have reviewed numerous casinos in an unbiased way to reflect the true aspects and features of the online casino. With our team of expertise, we have judged these online casinos from a qualified perspective and have compiled a comprehensive review for potential players to read.

After reading these reviews, see what other players have to say about the casinos, and see what they think is best. Read through the player comments and feedbacks on the casinos that you have shortlisted. We also recommend players to read from different review sources and make an independent judgment at the end.

Go to our ‘Online Casino Review’ page.

  • Independent Research

You can answer all these questions on your own by going to the casino website and searching for the answers. This way, you can answer all the questions and also know whether the casino is transparent in providing all information or not. Most of the top online casino websites are easy to navigate and have a dynamic interface, so you should not have much trouble getting around.

  • Casino Customer Support

The casino’s customer support is one the most reliable sources while reviewing a casino. One big advantage of this approach is that you can judge how supportive the casino’s customer support team is. Online Casino’s provide all the necessary mediums to contact them in their website and you should not hesitate to utilize them.

Where to Start?

Signing up with an online casino is a quick process if you have all your credentials ready. Our Getting Started guide takes you through an easy step by step process for both download and instant play casinos. Starting from the very first click of the mouse button to the very first spin of the Roulette wheel, a good read of our detailed instruction guide should make this otherwise confusing process to many, a breeze.

Click here to go to our ‘Getting Started’ page.

Online Roulette Guide

Roulette Australia is explicitly dedicated to the game of Roulette; any why not, it is one of the most entertaining games in a casino. Our ‘Online Roulette Guide’ gives takes a detailed look on the game of Roulette, starting from his history, its types and all the rules of the game.

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